FAQ : Family Photos


What does a family photo shoot with Fotissima involve?

This is where we take you and the kids out and about to a location of your choice and let the kids enjoy it, while capturing it with our cameras. Relaxed, natural portraits with the FUN factor to catch everybody just being themselves.

How long does it take?

Typically an hour and a half, sometimes more sometimes less. We usually instinctively know when the kids have had enough of the camera; not to mention the grown-ups! We generally go with the flow until we feel we have the images we need.

Can I just get ONE single family portrait done?

If you’re just looking for one shot then you might be best served going into a studio and posing for it. The way we work seeks to capture natural, easy-going moments where you are enjoying yourself; individually or with your family. This means that we have to spend an hour or two with you in a natural environment in order to for these moments to unfold. So it’s more than just one photo if you are to make the most of your time with us.

How do I book a session?

Just drop us an email or give us a ring, whichever suits you best, and we will take it from there.

Do you work weekends?

Yes, although our summer schedule is pretty full with weddings. Contact us and we will be sure to find a time and day that works for everyone.

Where does it take place?

If you have any ideas for a location for the session we would love to hear about it. We are always looking for new ones. There are a few places in our local areas we tend to go to which are child friendly. The idea is to let the kids be themselves to make natural, happy photos, so plenty of space for them to run and play is great. We can start at your house if you like, where the kids feel most relaxed.

What should we wear?

Some people like help picking out the right clothes, even accessories, and we are happy to do that with you. It is not unknown to have us rummaging around in your wardrobe! You might be surprised by the little things that make a big difference to the photos. It could be something really simple like the colours in a t-shirt or a cute little scarf. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Feel free to bring a change or throw a few bits and pieces in a bag and bring it along if you’re undecided. Bold prints and colours work great on kids (and adults!). We confess to being polka dot and stripe mad but appreciate anyone with their own unique sense of style.

Do you photograph babies?

Oh yes, we love to shoot babies (only with our cameras!). The ideal time is when they are newborns and just want to sleep all the time. This time is so fleeting and so fantastic to record in photos especially because, in a few short weeks, you find it hard to believe that they were ever so teenchy. It is a stage which is often missed because, obviously, it is quite an overwhelming time, especially when it’s a first baby, but is well worth making the effort. This means contacting us a few weeks before the due date so we can provisionally make arrangements to catch them at the true ‘newbie’ moment in the first ten days. Having photos of your baby when they literally haven’t finished uncurling out of that comfy foetal position they spent nine months in is simply amazing.

Is there another ideal age to photograph a baby?

Yes, if you didn’t manage to capture them as a newborn it’s probably best to wait until they are able to sit up unsupported and just before they have discovered crawling; at which point it can be hard to get them to stay still for long enough to get a photograph. After that the toddler phase is also adorable; if challenging!

What about teenagers?

We especially love teens. We like to get them involved in the preparation for the shoot and make them feel like super models and rock stars on the day. We can cater for their hobbies and passions in life to really capture their personalities so they are welcome to bring props along too like guitars and stuff. If you have a teenage girl of an age to wear make-up it’s also a nice touch to treat her to a professional make-up artist before the shoot.

We can make them feel special by doing a separate shoot just for them or incorporate it into a family shoot, whatever works best for you. It is an ideal birthday present say for an 18th or even a 21st; perhaps a graduation. They could even get it done with a couple of friends if they were a little shy.

Do the grown-ups HAVE to be in the photos?

No, of course not. Don’t rule it out though. It isn’t often you get the chance to be in the photos with the kids and, while most adults are reluctant to step in front of the camera at first, they actually end up enjoying it and are really glad they took part. Think about how precious the photos will be in years to come, to you, your kids and even your grandchildren. It is not always today that the photos are at their most appreciated. Think about the old photos you treasure today. So get the make-up on ladies (why not treat yourself to a mother-daughter session?) and tell the menfolk they won’t be told to look at the camera and smile; not even once.

Can we bring the Grandparents?

To be sure. Too often we don’t have enough photos of our Grandparents. Capturing the three generations is always good.

What about pets?

Oh yes. We love dogs especially. Ok, so we’re not cat people but hey, we’ll try not to hold it against you if you are. We are professionals after all!

What happens after the session?

We will prepare a slideshow of your photos for you to view on our big screen.

Do I have to purchase any of the photos?

You are under no obligation to purchase any photos from the session, but be prepared to want them all!

How can I buy them?

You can purchase individual prints or download. You can avail of any of our wide range of presentation methods to compliment your home such as frames or canvases. Or you can get them in a specially designed album.

What do most people choose to do?

Getting them in an album is a popular option. Our clients often find it difficult to choose their favourite photos, so having them in an album gives them time to consider what they might like to get framed up on the wall.  Alas too many photos get lost on hard drives in this digital age and it’s never the same as having them in print. It is something that many people mean to do at some point but in our busy lives it can get pushed to one side. Let us do it for you. It will be so worth it, we promise.

Can I get all the photos of the session on a DVD to print myself, share online and keep on my own computer?

Yes. We supply DVDs of high resolution files with our copyright release entitling you to print your photos as many times as you like. We also provide a low resolution folder of watermarked images for sharing online.

How long do you keep our photos on file for?

We keep your photos (and back-up copies) online for a year after the date they were taken. For this reason it is imperative for you to back up your digital files if you have purchased a DVD or a download. You should keep a copy on at least one external hard drive aswell as on dvds or flash drives; just to be sure.

Do you do communion portraits?

Yes. We generally don’t do them on the day of the communion though. Never ones to take the easy way out and simply take a snapshot outside the church of each child as they pass and put on a cheesy grin, we just would be satisfied with that. We are always striving to create something unique. Because the way we work to achieve natural, relaxed photos, we find we get much more out of our clients when the stress and time constraints of the day aren’t a factor. So, just arrange a shoot with us for after the communion day. You can book it in advance if you like. It gives the children more freedom to be themselves too and none of us need to be overly concerned about getting the outfit dirty. You can even turn it into a family shoot and bring a change of clothes for the little person in question.

Do you do Debs photos?

Absolutely. These are great. Again it is often better to do them on a date after the Debs itself because the panic has abated by then. But sometimes we do a group of friends and couples on the day, as long as they have factored the time into their schedule, which can be tricky to organise. It would be too easy for us just to turn up at the venue and do snapshots. We like to invest time into our photos to create something truly individual for everyone. This is a very important moment to document in the life of a young person where they are at a crossroads between childhood and adulthood. These can be very valuable photos to look back and reminisce on in years to come.

Can I buy a voucher for somebody?

Yes. You can do it online, over the phone or in person. They come in multiples of €50 and €100 in a beautiful gift box and a fancy little bag.